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At Ekomobi, we are very passionate about our software and we love to talk with our customers.  Furthermore, we are always looking for feedback (even negative) to improve our product offering.

Free feel to get in touch with us using any of the following channels or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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The story of Ekomobi

Hi, I’m Sébastien, founder and CEO of Ekomobi and I’d like to share with you the story of how Ekomobi was born in 2013.

Before starting Ekomobi, I owned a small web design firm (about 25 employees) for 13 years and I had a room full of people working on Drupal and WordPress themes.  

However, no matter how much procedures we introduced and how much training we provided, we just could not:

  • Test the sites and fix the bugs on all browser/OS/platform combinations.  We would always miss a couple, introduce bugs and end up with frustrated customers.

  • Make money coding HTML & CSS. Our margins were much higher in our design & strategy departments.

  • Keep up with all of the latest technology developments.  When a new technology emerged, for example the new Retina display, it was always difficult to make sure all the departments understood and used that new technology efficiently.

But, from my experience, I had also noticed that most small businesses did not have the time and the skills to create an efficient website themselves using one of those “do-it-yourself” website builder.

They needed the help of a graphic designer, a marketing or communication specialist, an SEO expert, etc…  to get an efficient website.

So, I decided to create Ekomobi to allow those web professionals to build beautiful and efficient websites for those small businesses, without having to worry about the coding.

But, to build this tools, I needed a technical co-founder that shared the vision that I had, but also had a track record of delivering high-quality websites and managing a development team.

That’s when the “other” Sebastien, our CTO, came onboard with the project.  Together, we crafted what would become the core values of Ekomobi:

  • Design: Allow the designers to create modern websites (flat and/or realistic) without the use of custom HTML and/or CSS.

  • Usability: The resulting site must provide an awesome experience on all devices, whether it is a mobile device, a tablet or a desktop. All blocks within Ekomobi are created to be responsive and/or adaptative.

  • SEO: The sites created with our website builder will follow the latest recommendations concerning Search Engine Optimization and will provide tools to marketer to improve the ranking of the sites.

  • Social: Sharing an Ekomobi website and/or page on any social should be easy, flawless and should use the latest meta-tags defined by those media.

  • Speed & Security: We believe that each page should be generated within 200ms and in providing an ultra-secure hosting environment.

Our goal is not to develop the most plugins or have the highest number of free trials, but to provide the tools and training to enable you to build the highest quality websites possible.

We hope you’ll consider using Ekomobi to build awesome websites.

- Sébastien GIroux, founder and CEO, Ekomobi

About our founders

Sébastien Giroux, CEO of Ekomobi

Web entrepreneur since 1998, Sébastien Giroux co-founded PoolExpert (1998), Axial Development (2001) and Ekomobi (2013). He is very passionate about the Web and small businesses.

Throughout the years, he has developed an expertise in everything that touches the usage of the web and mobile technologies for developing businesses.

Sébastien Clément, CTO of Ekomobi

Web developer since 1998, Sébastien Clément has worked on and managed large web projects such as, and

With his UX, design and programming backgrounds, Sébastien is always looking to find the most elegant solution to any problem.